Both nut quality and insect damage can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Efficient and profitable walnut harvests have been our specialty for over 40 years. We’ve mastered the logistical challenges of multiple crews and maximum mobility to meet the needs of our growers. Since we are also growers, we understand the importance of timeliness when it comes to harvesting your valuable crop. Using proven techniques, the right people, and the right equipment, we can pull your walnut harvest in on time and get you to market quickly.

Timely harvesting capabilities are critical for the value of your crop. As walnuts age on trees beyond the optimal harvesting window, a variety of threats to quality begin to emerge including meat discoloration and pest damage.

The color of your meat will darken, and is one of the heaviest ranking factors when assigning meat quality. Different walnut varieties have different discoloration rates. Timely harvest and delivery to the dehydrator will stop this discoloration. Insect damage is a problem that can multiply exponentially with each generation of pest that spawns in your orchard. They will feed on your crop, perpetuating damage and their population in a process that can spiral out of control. Getting your harvest in on time is, therefore, critical to the value of your crop and the health of your orchards.