Our property management services include several aspects. One is the reestablishment of orchards either including the removal of an older orchard or developing open ground. This requires a system approach which begins with a step by step understanding with the property owners of what will be done and an estimation of the costs. The co-ordination of irrigation installations and planting of trees is something we have done under many different conditions. The first three years of a walnut orchard are the most critical to seeing the beginning of production moved forward and the tree structure developed properly for the life of the tree.

We can effectively coordinate and manage all production and maintenance services required to keep your orchard thriving and profitable. Our goal is to maximize the orchards potential creating the highest yields for the owners.

Ground Pruning

Ground pruning for the training of walnuts in these first few years is very important to insure early production and structural integrity. It includes orchard training of 1st, 2nd, leaf trees. This training will insure that we maximize the fruiting potential while stimulating the growth which will make the tree structurally superior. We do everything we can to help the grower or investor understand the critical importance of these years and how our approach works.

Tower Pruning

Tower pruning is a time-honored method of pruning walnuts which we have been doing for over 40 years. The tower is used in the 3rd and 4th leaf trees to continue the structure and initial training of the trees. Pruning approaches have to evolve with the changing needs of owners and the industry. We’ve kept ahead of these changes with methods that allow us to address almost any set of circumstances we might encounter. Our pruning towers reach up to 25 feet.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If we, or the grower, is not comfortable with our pruning program for an orchard we will call in a 3rd party consultant and / or farm advisors to finalize the program.